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My Fighting Sea

Watch Free My Fighting Season (2016 )
HDTV - 8.7

My Fighting Season (2016 )

IMDb: 8.7

My Fighting Season (2016 ) A documentary series following American Soldiers in Afghanistan. Real footage captured from on the ground camera's.

The Motivation

Watch Free The Motivation (2013)
HD - 6.8

The Motivation (2013)

IMDb: 6.8

The Motivation (2013) Eight of the world's best pro-skateboarders prepare for the upcoming Street League Championship in NYC. Each equally talented, they all must overcome unique challenges - family pressures, injuries, money, fame and their own inte

Frank Matthews

Watch Free Frank Matthews (2012)
HD - 7.6

Frank Matthews (2012)

IMDb: 7.6

Frank Matthews (2012) Richer than Frank Lucas. More powerful than the Mafia. He was the biggest drug dealer in America. In 1973 he jumped bail and disappeared with 15 million dollars. He has never been seen again. Nearly four decades later, the fate

Sunshine Hotel

Watch Free Sunshine Hotel (2001)
HD - 7.3

Sunshine Hotel (2001)

IMDb: 7.3

Sunshine Hotel (2001) The Bowery: for centuries it has been one of New York City's major arteries, in every sense of the word: a gritty and vital counterpoint to the theaters of Broadway and the mansions of Fifth Avenue. Traditionally a rowdy avenue

Making a New Am

Watch Free Making a New American Nutcracker (2017)
HD - 9.1

Making a New American Nutcracker (2017)

IMDb: 9.1

Making a New American Nutcracker (2017) The Joffrey Ballet creates a new version of "The Nutcracker" set in Chicago at the time of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.

Katt Williams:

Watch Free Katt Williams: Its Pimpin Pimpin (2008)
HD - 7.3

Katt Williams: Its Pimpin Pimpin (2008)

IMDb: 7.3

Katt Williams: Its Pimpin Pimpin (2008) Taped live during a performance at the historic Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., Katt Williams' third stand-up comedy special finds the outspoken funnyman offering his unique take on the world of politics

Inside Einstein

Watch Free Inside Einsteins Mind: The Enigma of Space and Time (2015)
HD - 7.4

Inside Einsteins Mind: The Enigma of Spa

IMDb: 7.4

Inside Einsteins Mind: The Enigma of Space and Time (2015) Retrace the thought experiments that inspired his theory on the nature of reality.

Feminists: What

Watch Free Feminists: What Were They Thinking? (2018)
HD - 6.8

Feminists: What Were They Thinking? (201

IMDb: 6.8

Feminists: What Were They Thinking? (2018) Feminists: What Were They Thinking? takes aim at our current culture revealing all too vividly the urgent need for continued change.

AlphaGo (2017)

Watch Free AlphaGo (2017)
HD - 7.9

AlphaGo (2017)

IMDb: 7.9

AlphaGo (2017) With more board configurations than there are atoms in the universe, the ancient Chinese game of 'Go' has long been considered a grand challenge for artificial intelligence. On March 9, 2016, the worlds of Go and artificial intelligenc

A Wise Fool (20

Watch Free A Wise Fool (2015)
HD - N/A

A Wise Fool (2015)


A Wise Fool (2015) 'A Wise Fool' is a 56-minute Documentary about four teens who chose to kidnap, rob, and bury a couple alive. Death Row inmate, Michael Jackson, the master mind, is on death row. Our cameras captured his "exclusive" first

Making Waves: T

Watch Free Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound (2016)
HD - N/A

Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound


Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound (2016) An exploration of the history, artistry, and emotional power of cinema sound, as revealed by legendary sound designers and visionary directors, via interviews, clips from movies, and a look...

Wheres My Roy C

Watch Free Wheres My Roy Cohn? (2019)
HD - 5.8

Wheres My Roy Cohn? (2019)

IMDb: 5.8

Wheres My Roy Cohn? (2019) Roy Cohn personified the dark arts of American politics, turning empty vessels into dangerous demagogues - from Joseph McCarthy to his final project, Donald J. Trump.

Killer Inside:

Watch Free Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez (2020)

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernand


Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez (2020) What led to the murderous fall and shocking death of former NFL superstar Aaron Hernandez?

The VI Olympic

Watch Free The VI Olympic Winter Games, Oslo 1952 (1952)
HD - 6.2

The VI Olympic Winter Games, Oslo 1952 (

IMDb: 6.2

The VI Olympic Winter Games, Oslo 1952 (1952) A documentary covering the 1952 Winter Olympics in Oslo, Norway.

Sense8: Creatin

Watch Free Sense8: Creating the World (2015)
HD - 8.6

Sense8: Creating the World (2015)

IMDb: 8.6

Sense8: Creating the World (2015) Go behind the scenes and around the world with the "Sense8" cast and crew in this in-depth look at how the hit series is made.

Records Collect

Watch Free Records Collecting Dust II (2018)
HD - N/A

Records Collecting Dust II (2018)


Records Collecting Dust II (2018) Jason Blackmore and the crew are back, but this time have taken these themes and underlying questions to punk musicians of the East Coast of the United State.

The Redeemed an

Watch Free The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth (2018)
HD - 7.1

The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest o

IMDb: 7.1

The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth (2018) In 2017 the fittest athletes on Earth took on the unknown and unknowable during four of the most intense days of competition in CrossFit Games history. "The Redeemed and the Dominant: ...

The Emperors Na

Watch Free The Emperors Naked Army Marches On (1987)
HD - 8.2

The Emperors Naked Army Marches On (1987

IMDb: 8.2

The Emperors Naked Army Marches On (1987) This documentary was five years in the making, and revolves around 62-year-old Okuzaki Kenzo, a survivor of the battlefields of New Guinea in World War II who gained notoriety by slingshooting steel pinballs

The Candidate (

Watch Free The Candidate (1980)
HD - 7.3

The Candidate (1980)

IMDb: 7.3

The Candidate (1980) In 1980 Franz Josef Strauss competed against Helmut Schmidt for the Office of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. To prevent this the first Garde German auteur staged an episode film to expose the candidate - mainl

For Sama (2019)

Watch Free For Sama (2019)
HD - 8.7

For Sama (2019)

IMDb: 8.7

For Sama (2019) FOR SAMA is both an intimate and epic journey into the female experience of war.

Becoming Nobody

Watch Free Becoming Nobody (2019)
HD - 7.3

Becoming Nobody (2019)

IMDb: 7.3

Becoming Nobody (2019) Using a mix of interviews and archival recordings of his presentations, the American spiritual teacher Ram Dass, born Richard Alpert, tells the story of his life, while summarizing his primary teachings.

To the Moon and

Watch Free To the Moon and Back (2016)
HD - 8.2

To the Moon and Back (2016)

IMDb: 8.2

To the Moon and Back (2016) To the Moon and Back Miles Harrison, an ordinary American from Virginia adopts a beautiful orphan boy from Russia. Meanwhile, Bill Browder, a billionaire investment banker seeks justice for his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky who

The Yukon Assig

Watch Free The Yukon Assignment (2018)
HD - 9.3

The Yukon Assignment (2018)

IMDb: 9.3

The Yukon Assignment (2018) A British father and son undertake a five hundred mile canoe journey through the Canadian wilderness. An honest story of real adventure and the importance of making time for each other.

Speed Is My Nee

Watch Free Speed Is My Need (2019)
HD - 4.8

Speed Is My Need (2019)

IMDb: 4.8

Speed Is My Need (2019) What drives these two-wheeled gladiators to risk everything? Enter the world of professional speed racing where your motorcycle and your mind must work hand-in-hand to be the first to cross...

Bigfoot Girl (2

Watch Free Bigfoot Girl (2019)
HD - 3.1

Bigfoot Girl (2019)

IMDb: 3.1

After an encounter with Bigfoot as a young child, Kiana immediately felt a connection with the creature she encountered. With the help of fellow Sasquatch experiencers, she sets out to Bigfoot territory, exploring secret locations with recent sightin

March of the Go

Watch Free March of the Gods: Botswana Metalheads (2014)
HD - 6.9

March of the Gods: Botswana Metalheads (

IMDb: 6.9

March of the Gods: Botswana Metalheads (2014) A documentary on the heavy metal scene in Botswana and the struggle of a local band called Wrust.

Future Baby (20

Watch Free Future Baby (2016)
HD - 8.1

Future Baby (2016)

IMDb: 8.1

Future Baby (2016) A film about the future of human reproduction as it happens right before our eyes. This investigation takes us around the world to patients and researchers, to egg donors and surrogate mothers, to laboratories and clinics. The hope

Flow: For Love

Watch Free Flow: For Love of Water (2008)
HD - 7.7

Flow: For Love of Water (2008)

IMDb: 7.7

Flow: For Love of Water (2008) Water is the very essence of life, sustaining every being on the planet. 'Flow' confronts the disturbing reality that our crucial resource is dwindling and greed just may be the cause.

David Lynch: Th

Watch Free David Lynch: The Art Life (2016)
HD - 7.2

David Lynch: The Art Life (2016)

IMDb: 7.2

David Lynch: The Art Life (2016) David Lynch takes us on an intimate journey through the formative years of his life. From his idyllic upbringing in small town America to the dark streets of Philadelphia, we follow Lynch as he traces the events that

CounterPunch (2

Watch Free CounterPunch (2017)
HD - 6.8

CounterPunch (2017)

IMDb: 6.8

CounterPunch (2017) The seasoned pro. The Olympic hopeful. The young up-and-comer. The ring is their home, and the titles are their dream. As boxing' popularity wanes, three fighters at different stages of their career make sacrifices to pursue their

Surviving R. Ke

Watch Free Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning
HDTV - 7.7

Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckonin

IMDb: 7.7

Featuring interviews with new survivors, psychologists, and experts on the Kelly case.


Watch Free Straight/Curve (2017)
HD - N/A

Straight/Curve (2017)


Straight/Curve (2017) Ninety percent of women and young girls say they do not feel represented in the fashion industry or in media, and that the imagery they consume on a daily basis makes them feel "disgusting" and "less than". T

Tales of the Gr

Watch Free Tales of the Grim Sleeper (2014)
HD - 7.0

Tales of the Grim Sleeper (2014)

IMDb: 7.0

Tales of the Grim Sleeper (2014) Nick Broomfield digs into the case of the notorious serial killer known as the Grim Sleeper, who terrorized South Central Los Angeles over a span of twenty-five years.

World of Darkne

Watch Free World of Darkness (2017)
HD - 6.4

World of Darkness (2017)

IMDb: 6.4

World of Darkness (2017) An in-depth look into how the World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade created a phenomenon in the 1990's - a zeitgeist that helped shape film, literature, fashion, club culture, and ultimately fans, whose lives it forev

Fasting (2017)

Watch Free Fasting (2017)
HD - 5.8

Fasting (2017)

IMDb: 5.8

Fasting (2017) Fasting is a documentary on the original human diet and shows how it may serve as the solution to solve our epidemic of chronic illnesses today. This documentary explores 7 different methods of fasting.

Eyes on the Pri

Watch Free Eyes on the Prize (19871990)
HDTV - 9.1

Eyes on the Prize (19871990)

IMDb: 9.1

Eyes on the Prize (19871990) This is a documentary series about the glory years of the American Civil Rights Movement, starting in 1952 with the murder of Emmit Till and the subsequent trial and ending with the civil rights march to Selma in 1965. Al